A Wider Smile is Expensive

by Wider Smile

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released March 29, 2015

Violins and Sitar written and performed by Owen Fairbairn
Backup vocals, Autoharp and Zither written and performed by Basia Bulat
Vocals on I Hardly Know Her written and performed by Erin Jenkins
All songs written by Chance



all rights reserved


Wider Smile Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Sense
This is the bodybivr been give. And it makes for some real hard licin. But I gotta get it to heaven, this body I've been given. Anyze her fleeting passions and examine her fall fashjk s she cries"I just feel I just feel oh why CSNY you understand that NY feelings are real and not everything g has to be so logical, you're a square. Is the airway clea? Is there breathing and circulation? See her exhale in the winter and you love her so why treat her like patients? You could ask the doctor about that heartbeat or ask the drntkstnaboit those crooked teeth. You could pray to the priest but hell pray for the prayer to end thinking "no body's ever gdtti. I to heaven, o my souls accepted." Us the airway clear? Is there breathing SNF ckr ulation? See her smile in the simmer and you locdbhernso why don't you just lovrbehr?
Track Name: Positivity #4
A little hit of live from an unknown figure yeah you could be more oeffectnvut my thoughts of you won't go away. I'm more aware when the sun shines brighter but you're a mysteryr to me! Uiu for Mr shaking like an alcoholic, night power named gkd. As resorts tit he god, butbwhrre do I go? Do you try to love others just like I always do? So.etimes I try but realize that they're just powers and cspitslistd I GEF to thinking I shodnt try! When I'm discovered I'll be sleeping in the shows I wanna be warm in this earth its not my home its not your home ask the higher power named god. He's way up there!
Track Name: Dreamer
I'm a fooling boy, western romantic she's a beautiful girl that I met . Munisch. Oh her Bavarian figure and her vacant blue eyes the says so many words I a row I can't get I a linen . but when I do here's what I'll say... Yeah! I've always been a dreamer and I like to dream a lot . and sh . I dream k dream. Of all the things I haven't got. Ever since I MDT gku you're always on my mind a d everyftime I'm with you I pode track of time and sh .I sleep I do t dream of anything g but you. I do t dream of anything but you. I CNT dream of anything g but you. I can't dream kd anything g but you I CANT DESm of anything g but you. I can't dream of anything g but you. (I. Thinking. I'm thinking. Km tho king. Have to watch a grown man cry?)
Track Name: Adventures (with Dentures)
Rural Quebec gi, marry .me. Well live in a shadow far from the city and when we fi ish the ceremony I'll hird a dentist to pull out your teeth. It's not just tradition, ask aesfeticians. Hdyll say what once was doesn't always have to be. Oh, no more brushez, no mord flosses. I'll cover the cost baby . I'll set you frereee. What's on yihf mind? Don't you agree? I thought Tht this is what you wanted for you a d me. Ah, a perfect smile of platinum tile. I need this I need this. You need this for me!!! Oh honey. I gave you the perfect smile. What more would you wan tfrk. Me? All I've ever heard all I've ever herd is I want the best for my child. I want the best for NY child I want the best for my child. Lived a good life, got paid a ton. My father said that k am his favorite son. You said that I'm the onlyone.
Track Name: I Hardly Know Her
Imagine .e . The snow. It's like WD never even noticed the moon. What uyou think matters to me. And walking solo, I'll never go to sleep. Oh why? Oh wh? Ahhhh for the first time, k wanna know about what you felt like and why. I wanted to be the one to show you all the good things . Your life. And I never realized, I never realized.. What I felt like and why.
Track Name: I Choose
When I lose, I choose. And when I booze I xhoozd that too. A d when I take the subway... And when I eat freasblu precessed computer parts called products I choose. The optimist is right. The pessimist is right . the dark adapted eye can see a single particle of light. When I cry at Malcolm's eeddi g. Ehd. I don't rearrange the bedding. When the flowers smell like lucid dreams and when the wind chills my cheek I choose.the cog I. The machine has always beencreafkr of the universe with nothing g left to dream. When I'm warm and sh . I'm cold. Eb . I look young or I look old. She. I flip my thoughts through time and space. Or even I'm serene with a bodhisattva face, I choose! It's gods lightening g but its my black sky. There's nothing in between that I've seen. Its gods lights ing but its my black sky, there's nothing . Between that I've seen.
Track Name: Porcelain (Flowers)
Have you seen that movie? I know you and you would like it. Sow, just wow! You've never seen anything I. Hour life k just can't believe it. 8.3 on IMDb says the aggregated internet opi ion of a good taste. Give it a rest! Another sold out show at the Ritz (pdb) with some Best New Music sometimes a breezy fresh air teenage dream. Sometimes another relic of 2015. Wow, just wow! All reviews say you're wrong you're wrong they know all you firutrw favorite songs, give IG a rest. Stop right now, were right here I'll die just fine I think there's love in this life. I'm paxki g boxes of owls and other podcelai. Fowl. So, just wow. You rearranged the colors side by side and they look so nice and in a week there will be a big li e of people who really wanna buy all this shit. Give it a rest! Stop right now we're right here I'll fie just fine I think there's love in this life. Stop right now, were right here it'll be right, all you have to DL is dream. Find a dream. For yourself don't share it with anyone else. Fi DA dream for yourself ,don't shard it right anyl e we. Find a dream for yourself do t share it with anyone else!
Track Name: Stay Connected
How bad do you want it? What are you willing to give to get it? Am I geloi g you? Can I go deeper? Fro. The o SRT of tour life init the say that you die, you need connection. Anything that loses its connection will dje.